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Amana Dryer Repair in Greenville, NC

We’re going to let you follow along on a typical service call and repair by one of our experienced technicians in Greenville, NC. See what to expect when you call JB Appliance Solutions to fix your broken appliance. In this case, a customer called from Greenville with an Amana dryer problem.

Issue: Amana Dryer Stopped Heating

The Greenville customer contacted JB Appliance Solutions to say that their Amana dryer had stopped heating. Our customer service rep asked a few more questions to get information for the call and told the customer where to find the model number, which they were able to provide to help our technician be prepared with the proper parts to hopefully fix the dryer on the first visit to their home. After confirming all the information, the CSR scheduled an appointment for the following afternoon and told the customer to expect a text message notifying them when the service technician was on his way to their home.

Primary Cause: Failed Thermostat

When the JB Appliance Solutions technician arrived, he introduced himself to the homeowner and followed them to the dryer.  He partially disassembled the dryer and was able to quickly see that the thermostat looked burnt and had failed.  A bit of further checking also revealed that when the element failed, the dryer started to overheat but a safety device known as a thermal fuse had then blown to prevent the overheating from getting to dangerous levels.

The failed thermostat, above.  The bad parts along with the two replacement parts, below.

Solution: Replaced Thermostat and Thermal Fuse

The technician explained the issue to the customer and showed them the failed, burnt thermostat. He provided the exact price for the repair and the repair was approved. The Amana dryer was already taken apart far enough to access the lid switch and its wiring, and since the technician knew the model and the complaint before arrival he was prepared with the necessary parts on his truck so the dryer was soon back in perfect running order. The technician ran the dryer for several minutes and confirmed it was operating and heating correctly, and showed the customer.

In addition, for safety, the technician cleaned out the collected lint from inside the dryer before putting it back together.

Another Happy Customer

At JB Appliance Solutions, our primary goals are focused on customer satisfaction. The customer’s first interaction with us is with the CSR when they call for help with their appliance problem. When this customer in Greenville called about the Amana dryer problem, our CSR listened attentively and obtained all the information necessary to pass on to the technician, and then scheduled the appointment at a convenient time for the customer. The CSR provided the appointment information and the assigned technician’s name, and let them know they’d be receiving a text and email confirming the appointment, and another text when the technician was on his way to their home the next morning.

With all the information obtained during the initial call, the technician was prepared in advance and was able to quickly diagnose the problem and determine the solution. He explained to the customer what the issue was, showed them the broken part and provided an itemized repair cost. Once approval was given, the repair was quickly completed with parts from the truck and the now operating dryer was demonstrated to the customer. Another successful call and another happy customer!

Justin Barber

Justin is the owner of JB Appliance Solutions and has 11+ years of appliance repair experience. In his spare time, he enjoys camping and spending time with his family.



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