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Kenmore Washer Repair in Raleigh, NC

Join us as we take you through a typical service call and repair performed by one of our skilled technicians in Raleigh, NC. We want to give you an idea of what to expect when you contact JB Appliance Solutions to fix your malfunctioning appliance. In this instance, a customer contacted us about a Kenmore washer repair in Raleigh, NC.

Issue: Washer Won't Drain or Spin

The customer contacted JB Appliance Solutions and explained that their Kenmore washer was not draining or spinning. Our customer service representative asked a few more questions to gather information and guided the customer on finding the model number. This information was then shared with our technician to ensure they were well-prepared and could potentially fix the washer during the initial visit. After confirming all the details, the customer service representative scheduled an appointment for the next morning and informed the customer that they would receive a text message notifying them when the service technician was on the way to their home.

Cause: Faulty Lid Switch

The next morning, our technician arrived and swiftly diagnosed the problem: a faulty lid switch. He explained to the customer that for the Kenmore washer to enter the spin cycle, it requires a proper signal indicating that the lid is closed. This safety feature prevents injuries that could occur if someone were to put their hand into the spinning tub.

The lid switch is responsible for confirming that the lid is securely closed so that the spin cycle can proceed. The technician from JB Appliance Solutions confirmed that the lid switch had indeed failed. Since the model number and complaint were known beforehand, he came prepared with the correct replacement part to promptly resolve the issue once the customer approved the repair.

Solution: Replacement of Lid Switch

The technician informed the customer about the problem and showed them the broken lid switch. He provided a price quote for the repair, and upon receiving approval, the Kenmore washer was efficiently disassembled to access the lid switch and its wiring. Soon after, the washer was restored to perfect working condition. The technician ran a complete cycle to verify that the washer now drained and spun properly, and he demonstrated this to the customer.

Another Satisfied Customer

At JB Appliance Solutions, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. When this Raleigh customer contacted us regarding their Kenmore washer problem, our customer service representative attentively listened and gathered all the necessary information to relay to the technician. The appointment was then scheduled at a convenient time for the customer. Our representative provided all the appointment details, including the assigned technician’s name, and informed the customer that they would receive a text and email confirming the appointment, as well as a text when the technician was on their way the next morning.

With the information obtained during the initial call, the technician was well-prepared and swiftly identified the problem and its solution. He explained the issue to the customer, showed them the broken part, and presented an itemized repair cost. Upon receiving approval, the repair was promptly completed using a replacement part from the technician’s vehicle. The technician then demonstrated the fully operational washer to the customer. Another successful service call and another satisfied customer!

Justin Barber

Justin is the owner of JB Appliance Solutions and has 11+ years of appliance repair experience. In his spare time, he enjoys camping and spending time with his family.



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