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Roper Dryer Repair in Wilson, NC

Accompany us as we delve into a typical customer encounter with JB Appliance Solutions. This article provides valuable insights into what you can expect, starting from your initial interaction with us until the moment your appliance is effectively restored. In this particular article, we cover a Roper dryer repair in Wilson, NC.

Issue: Roper Dryer Won't Turn On

When this customer contacted JB Appliance Solutions they described to our customer service representative that their Roper dryer wouldn’t turn on. By gathering essential information and locating the model number, our representative ensured that the appliance repair technician would be well-prepared to address the issue during the initial service call. After confirming the details, the customer service representative scheduled an appointment for the following day and assured the customer that they would receive a notification when the technician was on the way to their home.

Cause: Heating Element & Thermal Fuse Failure

Upon arriving at the customer’s residence, our skilled technician promptly assessed the situation. The dryer’s heating element had shorted and failed, causing the appliance to overheat. To prevent potential fire hazards, dryers are equipped with a safety component known as a thermal fuse. In this case, the thermal fuse had blown, resulting in the dryer’s complete shutdown—aligning with the customer’s initial complaint.

Solution: Replacing the Heating Element, Thermal Fuse, & Thorough Cleaning

After confirming the heating element failure and blown thermal fuse, the technician explained the findings to the customer, displaying the damaged and burnt element. After providing a transparent and detailed repair cost estimate, the repair was authorized. The Roper dryer, already disassembled for diagnosis, was swiftly restored to optimal functionality with a new heating element and thermal fuse. The technician also diligently removed any accumulated lint within the dryer during the disassembly process. Once reassembled, the technician ran the dryer for several minutes to ensure proper operation and heating, demonstrating its functionality to the satisfied customer.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

At JB Appliance Solutions, our primary goal is to provide a positive customer experience, ensuring every customer’s happiness upon completion of repairs. The first point of contact for customers is our attentive customer service representative, who listens carefully to their appliance-related concerns. In the case of the Wilson customer and their Roper dryer issue, our representative gathered all the necessary information during the initial call and scheduled a convenient appointment. The customer was provided with relevant appointment details, including the assigned technician’s name, and informed that they would receive confirmations via text and email. The next morning, the customer received a text notifying them of the technician’s impending arrival at their home.

With the information acquired during the initial call, our technician arrived fully prepared, swiftly diagnosing the problem and presenting a viable solution to the customer. The technician explained the issue, showcased the faulty part, and provided a detailed breakdown of the repair cost. Upon receiving approval, the repair was promptly executed using on-hand parts from the technician’s truck. The technician concluded the service call by demonstrating the now-operational dryer to the customer. Once again, JB Appliance Solutions delivered a successful service call, resulting in another happy and satisfied customer!

Justin Barber

Justin is the owner of JB Appliance Solutions and has 11+ years of appliance repair experience. In his spare time, he enjoys camping and spending time with his family.



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